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Since 1968 Inline Plastics has been dedicated to providing packaging products to the Food Service industry.  Inline Plastics developed a culture of industry-changing innovation that continues to this day. Surelock® packaging was the first product that took the food service market by storm and brought huge success, and even faster growth, to the company. This was followed by the introduction of theSafe-T-Fresh® line, which revolutionized the marketplace with the first tamper-evident and tamper-resistant packaging. Crystal Fresh®, PagodaWare® and SnackWare® are all recent innovative product launches that continue to solidify our position as an industry leader.

Through all the stages of their growth, Inline Plastics retained and expanded its focus on sustainability. Mindfully acting as responsible environmental stewards is at our core. All Inline Plastics containers are made with post consumer content utilizing our rDPET™ material. These containers are 100% recyclable, making it easy for consumers to recycle and more efficient for municipalities to collect for recycling. PET is the most commonly recycled plastic globally.

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