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In 2007 Fineline began as a family business with a bold ambition: to revolutionize the restaurant and foodservice industry with plastics that are both innovative and practical. Working with a team of designers, we rejected the overly utilitarian shapes that the plastics industry was dependent on. Instead, we sought to replicate high-end, elegant forms. Our timeless designs can be utilized in an infinite number of environments and tablescapes.

Our vast collection of dinnerware, serving bowls, drinking glasses, utensils and more expands monthly. Every Fineline product is made with the same values we’ve maintained in our products from the start: innovation, quality craftsmanship, and functionality.

We’ve made our name by looking into the future, and we haven’t looked back since. Fineline has been exploring eco-conscious packaging solutions long before consumers started demanding environmentally-friendly changes. Our ecologically thoughtful products have been improved and refined over the years, ensuring that they stand up to the rigorous quality demands of the industry. Our full line of biodegradable compostable products is a step ahead of the industry, showcasing our enduring love for innovation–and Earth

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